Video Post Production

Editing and post production is where it all began here at Verendus back in 2002 when we purchased our first editing station. Since that time post production has always played an integral part of our business and is an area we pride ourselves in. We continually seek to improve our services with new technologies and equipment, sometimes simply enhancing a service we already offer, and sometimes offering completely new services, such as our recent addition of color grading in Baselight.

In post (as well as in production) we believe the most effective results are achieved through a combination of art and science. While the most compelling videos are brought together through the well-crafted pace of an edit and an evocative color grade that matches the emotions of the story, there is also a technical side of knowing how to deal with different codecs, bit depths, data rates, color spaces, and more. Our in-depth technical knowledge allows these different aspects to become tools to help us instead of being roadblocks or frustrations throughout the process.

We are one of the few post production studios in the Portland area that edits on the industy-standard Avid Media Composer. While many around here have moved to Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro in recent years, we have chosen to stay with Avid and believe it is still the best NLE out there. In addition to the Avid software itself, we also have some of the most respected plug-ins for it including Boris FX Continuum Complete, Boris FX Sapphire, Boris FX Mocha Pro, and Filmlight Baselight Editions. Of course we also have Adobe After Effects for when we need to do special titling or effects work, and Adobe Premiere Pro for inter-operability with projects that may have been started there.

A few samples: